$14.00 each

Son of an Honest Man

Tragedy opens like a book when Dustin’s mama is murdered, and it seems that each new page reveals more about his daddy’s true character. Over and over Dustin watches as Daddy turns the other cheek.
When Daddy refuses to lie to Broken Elk, and leaves their family in danger, Dustin’s faith in God is shaded with doubt.
Is Daddy hiding behind honesty so he won’t have to fight” Dustin determines to avenge Mama’s death even if Daddy is a coward. Will Aunt Lilly’s prayer for a miracle be answered? And who really stole the cattle money from the people in Cimarron Crossing?

ISBN 978-0989066723, Paperback, 136 pages

$14.00 each

Danger at Wolf Rock

Pa had gone to fight in the Civil War and the family has reasons to fear the worst. Now, Boone’s grand-pap is long overdue from his own fight. He had set out among the rugged boulders days ago to hunt the wolf that has been terrorizing the foothills of Colorado. The family desperately needs the reward money being offered to the man who kills the infamous “silver god.” Boone’s heart sinks when he finds Grandpap has been attacked by the wolf the old man had dubbed General E. Lee. Can Boone get his grandpap back to the cabin in time?

ISBN 978-0982887585, Paperback, 104 pages

$14.00 each

Journey to the Far Islands

Like all of the island boys his age, Rondoni must now make the Journey to the Far Islands so that he might capture the spirit of the great Rattituti bird. Each year some boys lose their lives when making the dangerous journey. Since the missionaries first came to his island bringing the truth of the Bible, things have been different. Rondoni now believes in Jesus, God’s Son with his whole heart. What power does the evil Renogwa hold over the islanders? Will Rondoni find the courage to tell his father that he will not make the journey to the Far Islands?

ISBN 978-0989066761, Paperback, 62 pages

$14.00 each


Who is Macon Todd, and why did he step into Mindy's world? Mindy wants a pet desperately when she finds a wild calico cat roaming the trees along the Arkansas River. Can she catch the cat? Can she tame it? Will her daddy let her keep it? With warm bacon Mindy follows her heart. The moment the calico is at her fingertips, Macon Todd hurls a barrier ripping her dream to shreds.

ISBN 978-0578550565, Paperback, 54 pages

$19.00 each

For the Price of Beulah Land

The gold piece felt warm in his hand and set fire in his heart. He studied the gold piece dated 1641. Old Spanish gold, and the story claimed a chest full of gold was hidden somewhere in this canyon.
He shoved the coin in his pocket, took his hat off and mopped his brow. The legend told that someone guarded this treasure. He looked over his shoulder. Eyes. He could feel eyes folowing him and watching his every move. They sent chills over his body. He slapped his hat back on and spurred his horse up and out of the canyon. He stopped and looked back. He needed freedom to search and a right to claim anything he found. He needed to own this canyon, and he vowed he would. He would do anything to gain possession...anything.

$19.00 each


"Now that most of the introductions are done, we need to find out what happened in Miller's barn." The sheriff walked around and unlocked the handcuffs on Colt.
The boy rubbed his wrist.
"Son, why don't you join your brothers and sister on the floor so your mother can have your chair. This might take a while."
He turned the chair for her comfort and waved to offer her a seat.
She hesitated. "Am I to be cuffed to your desk?"
The sheriff laughed. "Not unless you are the ringleader, Ma'am."
"I don't believe so."
As she sat, the sheriff said, "Ma'am, I didn't catch your name."
She smiled. "No, you didn't."
The sheriff cleared his throat. "That means I would like to know your name, Ma'am."
Her laughter was like music. "And I didn't catch your name either, Sheriff."
Slowly the sheriff walked to his chair, sat and smiled. "Sheriff Daniel Tucker." With a slight twinkle in the eye, he studied her for a moment before he spoke, "This is serious business and not a laughing matter, Ma'am, so unless you want to share the cell with your hoodlums tonight, you had best tell me your name."
She sat up in her chair. "They are not hoodlums, Sir."
Kelly Dee gasped. "You would make our ma spend the night in jail because she won't tell her name?"
"You can't do that," Thane popped in.
"You're cranky, and not saying your name, that is not a crime, Mister." Murphey glared.
Colt nudged his brother. "Hush it up, Murphey."
"Well, he is cranky. Ma says, 'Don't talk when you're cranky cause you'll say things you probably don't mean." Murphey glanced at the sheriff then dropped to the floor.

ISBN 978-0578970493, Paperback, 258 pages

$15.00 each
$17.00 each
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