The Calendar Series

July is Coming cover

When the Dirty Thirties dries up rural America, farmers desert their land and flood to the cities where rooms can be rented, but alleys are free. After...

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Winds of September cover

Mama is gone and ten-year-old July has been sent to live in Plevna with grandparents she has never met. She is the new girl in school, and Priscilla, the classroom...

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Gift of December cover

Living with her grandparents hasn’t turned out so badly for July, especially since the truth about who owns her mama’s wedding ring is out in the open. But now...

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Gatlin Fields


Maggie Daniels in haunted by the accident. She sees it when she closes her eyes, and she hears it in her...

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In the Shadow of the Enemy cover

A dark mystery puts Maggie in peril . . .
Something odd is happening at the Daniels’ boxcar home. First, there...

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When Secrets Come Home cover

Can Maggie survive the deceitful heart of her mysterious attacker?
Something odd is happening at...

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After the Dust Settles cover

A hasty decision could prove to be fatal.
Tensions are high as the jury delivers the verdict. Will it finally...

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Other Books by Sandra

Son of an Honest Man cover

Tragedy opens like a book when Dustin’s mama is murdered, and it seems that each new page reveals more about his daddy’s true character. Over and over...

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Danger at Wolf Rock cover

Pa had gone to fight in the Civil War and the family has reasons to fear the worst. Now, Boone’s grandpap is long overdue from his own fight. He had set...

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Journey to the Far Islands cover

Like all of the island boys his age, Rondoni must now make the Journey to the Far Islands so that he might capture the spirit of the great Rattituti bird. Each...

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Spitfire cover

Who is Macon Todd, and why did he step into Mindy's world? Mindy wants a pet desperately when she finds a wild calico cat roaming the trees along the...

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For the Price of Beulah Land cover

For the Price of Beulah Land - COMING SOON

The gold piece felt warm in his hand and set fire in his heart. He studied the gold piece dated 1641. Old Spanish gold, and the story claimed a chest full of gold was...

Wanted cover


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